The trouble with sleep

Not quite a poem #3

Absent the worry that wrestles a resting mind, sleep dances like an acrobat on a practiced path. No need for a safety net of dreams. He already knows where he will land – clairvoyance for a clear voyage to the place that leaves no questions unanswered and no wound unhealed. Tranquility breeds itself; still air makes no ripples on the water’s surface. Likewise, fear begets fear until all is swallowed in the void. There are those who will insist the sisters must be in balance, lest one destroy the other. We should be so lucky. We lie with whom we are assigned.


2 thoughts on “The trouble with sleep

  1. It does come together as poetic, I’m not poet but try working it into some stanzas for a more poetic flow.

    Running clears the mind and releases endorphins that may provide more clarity and tranquility for inspiration.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor

    • Thanks for the feedback, Clifford. This is part of a series (and an experiment) that lands in the gray area between prose and verse. My goal is to create something that stands on its own like a poem, but also appears like it could belong within a larger story or a book. Sometimes I’m more successful than others, but it is a fun challenge. Best!

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